For Paper Tiny Tents

These are quick and to the point. Perfect if you would like to inundate your nearby bailed-out bank or distribute hundreds throughout the city, making tiny tents unavoidable. Download the following PDF Template to make a paper tiny tent. Print, cut, fold, glue, and occupy.

For extra durability, use a firm paper like card stock.

Paper tents are more recognizable as tents if, instead of writing on the side, you attach your message on a “sign” glued to the front of the structure (see main page for ideas).

Download PDF Template

For Fabric Tiny Tents

These are slow to make but quite refined. Perfect if you want a more striking effect for a discerning audience.

Tiny Tent Task Force Pictorial Tutorial @ The Daily Kos

Download PDF Instructions

Knitted Tents

For fully winterized tents which are also meditative to construct, download the knitting pattern below

How to Organize A Tiny Tent Gathering

An unofficial guide.
1. Print off the necessary number of paper tent templates. Gather supplies including glue, scissors, colored paper for “signs,” and markers. For the adventurous, perhaps also bring some fabric and knitted tent supplies.
2. Invite your friends and/or occupation over for the morning/evening/afternoon/night and churn out a few hundred little tents. Paper bags serve well as storage.
3. Depending on the participants, geographic location, and nature of the gathering, tea and biscuits, coffee and donuts, cider and cookies, or vodka and pickled herring may aid the construction of tiny tents. 
4. Go to one or many destinations, placing the tents as you will. You may want to think about where to place the tents in advance, or allow the situation to guide you.
5. Upload photos of the tents in their settled environment to us so we can share them with the world. Capturing the surroundings of the tent makes a more interesting photo, so choose your locations strategically for light, visual appeal, etc.


Don’t forget to send us your tent photos so we can post them on the blog!